anotehr stinkin SCAM
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Author:  ttt [ Mon Oct 10, 2005 7:22 pm ]
Post subject:  anotehr stinkin SCAM

i signed up at and then when i received login details AFTER paying $65. I go to the page to start "training" to start my job.

I couldnt belive the bs i was seeing because on their web page they said NO RECRUITING yet that was all the "training" was telling me to do.

but i said no way this was a scam cus i googled and checked out which they refered me to and it looked pretty legit, but i got this bad feeling cus links were not working

fustrated i went back to and checking the other site which the company certified "scam free" i then noticed that all these "scam free" web sites had a look alike payment form and payment methods

i still was in shock that i could have been fooled cus the sites were all so well put together. I llearned the hard way to check all the links

damn i am pissed of if i ever find those ass4^*%£&*

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