Is this a scam?!
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Author:  LilyHunt [ Sun Mar 11, 2012 1:25 pm ]
Post subject:  Is this a scam?!

I ordered a product from a company I haven't dealt with before. They didn't ask for any untoward information like social security number or the usual identity-verification questions. Their representative did call, however, asking me to send a copy of my photo id with everything but the name and picture blacked out for further verification. (It's kind of time sensitive).

The entirety of the information they have, therefore, is:
Credit Card Details and
(if I send it) My picture and the fact that my passport is US

If I go through with this I'll use my passport as it doesn't give them additional information like the last state I lived in.

What really seems fishy is that when I asked the representative to email me the fax number she told me the "email department" was out until Monday - but she obviously could receive online orders. The other suspicious thing is that this is one of only a few companies I could find that offers this product (it's completely legal but just not very popular any more - nothing shady there).

Try as I might I can't think of a way this can do me any real harm. Any brighter minds out there have any ideas?

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